Cargo Charter


An AOG occurs when serious maintenance issues prevent an aircraft from flying. In this situation there is typically a rush to acquire the necessary replacement parts that will put the aircraft back into service and prevent delays. We Provide cargo charter that can be dispatched extremely quickly to move anything from small spares to large airframe and/ or technical staff.

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When natural and man-made disasters occur, the ability to quickly deliver relief and humanitarian aid can make the difference between life and death. We can ensure that the maximum help gets to the people that need it the most, quickly, and with the minimum of cost.

Amenities provide such as :

  • Medicines and medical equipment
  • Food and water   


  • Vital Machinery
  • Shelter and Clothing



The oil and gas industry is known for its unique demands, including the movement of oversize, hazardous and highly urgent cargo. Aurea Aviation provide the specialist experience to meet the specific demands of this industry, and can offer air cargo solutions in as little as one hour to keep production moving.