International experience includes Africa, India, China, Russia, Middle East and Europe and we speak the languages.

Aurea Aviation has access to contract pilots, maintenance engineers and flight attendants for any business aircraft types. We can arrange aircraft crew for any rotation time table and geographical region. Be it short term or long term we can get the crew ready for your mission.

Respectable crew that is current on all international etiquette

Aurea Aviation crew members are selected on basis of their experience and safety mindedness. All crew members are cognizant and respectful for all cultures, nationalities and religions. Utmost respect and discretion are paramount to our success.

Safety: Our number one priority

Aurea Aviation and its crew members are highly trained and proficient individuals. We comply with all rules and regulations and we have set the bar high for others to follow. We have had a 0% rate of accidents or incidents. That in itself goes to show our commitment to safety. All of our crew members attend recurrent course training as required by the FAA, JAA and all other civil aviation associations.

Visas/Passport/Certificate validation

We are your one stop shop for all your visa and passport needs. Our languages include Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish and English. We have incredible reputations with Cayman, Bermuda, Aruba and Isle of Man. We can also assist you with an Indian FATA validation and much more.

Operation startup support

Entry Into Service (EIS) – If you are in the market for or already own an aircraft, Icarus AMC can provide you with Turn Key service. We can have your aircraft delivered worldwide with our crew onboard.

Pilots for short-term, long-term and full-time placement.

Crew Support Services