Ground Handling - Airport Service

Why to choose ground handling services?

Ground handling refers to the services and activities that take place on the ground to support the safe and efficient operation of an aircraft while it is on the ground at an airport. It involves various tasks carried out by ground handling personnel and service providers to ensure the smooth turnaround of an aircraft between flights. Here are some key aspects of ground handling:

  1. Baggage Handling: This includes the loading, unloading, and transfer of passenger baggage, as well as the handling of cargo and mail. Ground handlers ensure that baggage is properly sorted, labeled, and delivered to the correct aircraft or baggage claim area.

  2. Ramp Operations: Ground handling personnel assist with the movement of aircraft on the apron or ramp area, such as marshalling, towing, and parking. They also provide aircraft refueling services and perform safety inspections before departure.

  3. Passenger Services: Ground handlers facilitate passenger check-in, boarding, and disembarkation processes. They handle passenger documentation, verify travel documents, and provide assistance to passengers with special needs. Additionally, they may operate passenger lounges, handle lost or damaged baggage claims, and provide other customer service functions.

  4. Aircraft Cleaning: Ground handling companies are responsible for cleaning the aircraft interior, including the cabin, galley, and lavatories, to ensure a clean and pleasant environment for passengers.

  5. Catering Services: Ground handlers coordinate the provision of in-flight catering services, ensuring that meals, beverages, and other requested items are properly loaded onto the aircraft.

  6. Ground Support Equipment: Ground handling personnel operate various equipment necessary for aircraft handling, such as baggage carts, pushback tugs, ground power units, and air conditioning units.

  7. Cargo Handling: Ground handlers manage the handling and loading of cargo and mail onto aircraft. They ensure proper documentation, sorting, and secure loading to maintain the integrity of cargo shipments.

  8. Aircraft Maintenance: Ground handling may also include routine maintenance tasks, such as refilling fluids, replenishing supplies, and conducting visual inspections, to support the airworthiness of the aircraft.

Ground handling services are typically provided by specialized companies or divisions within airports. These services play a crucial role in ensuring the safe, efficient, and timely operations of aircraft on the ground, contributing to a positive travel experience for passengers and the overall functioning of the aviation industry.

Ground Handling