Private Jet-Iquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts of flying

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Private Jet-Iquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts of flying

PrivateFly offers top 10 tips for private jet travel, including using social media and avoiding a bathroom faux pas


To recline or not to recline is an etiquette hot topic for airline passengers, with knee defenders causing tempers to boil over, resulting in a recent American Airlines flight being forced to be diverted. While no such issue exists on board a private jet, there are other dos and don’ts when it comes to the rulebook of flying privately, according to private jet booking service PrivateFly.

“There are some unspoken rules that frequent fliers observe, which can ensure that first time private jet customers – especially those flying as a guest of someone else – can avoid making the wrong impression,” explained PrivateFly’s CEO Adam Twidell.

Here are the top 10 dos and don’ts of good private jet-iquette:


1. What (not) to wear? If you’re travelling on business, the usual dress code applies. But if you’re travelling for leisure, then avoid being too overdressed. Private jet fashion is all about not trying too hard.

2. Photos and social media. If you’re flying for business, keep it discreet. This isn’t a holiday. Flying for leisure? Snap away. If you’re a guest your host will appreciate your enjoyment (but check first before you tag any other passengers, it’s called private aviation for a reason).

3. Always let your host board the aircraft first, especially if you’re a guest and it’s your first time on a jet. He or she will have a favourite seat, and you don’t want to make this your first and last invitation. 

4. Be demanding (nicely). Ask upfront for anything that will make your trip more enjoyable – whether it’s music, magazines, a favourite herbal tea, or organic dog food. It’s a bespoke flying experience, so make it your own.

5. No need to switch off devices. You can use them freely on board a private jet. And as the aircraft is yours, there’s no need to worry about annoying strangers with your ringtones. Many private jets have wifi, so you can work or catch up while you fly.

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