Chartering a private jet sounds very glamorous and tempting. When you charter an aircraft, you rent the entire aircraft just for you and your own private usage. This way you avoid crowds, noisy people around you when you want to sleep; you get to choose your own special catering requests, and you enter and exit the airports with almost nobody knowing about it. Convenience, flexibility, and luxury are just some of the benefits travelers experience when chartering private aircraft.


We fly Bollywood’s and even Hollywood’s favourite stars, producers and directors, ministers, celebrities, super models, cricketers and media moguls at an exceptional price that redefines value. VIP Charters are fully tailored to your every requirement, and discretion is assured. Your boarding passes will be kept ready even before you drive to the airport. Travel in total comfort and luxury with access to a range of VIP services such as transfers to and from the airport by helicopter, short boarding times and gourmet cuisine.

Aurea Aviation Offers You

  • Convenient access to smaller airports closer to your final destination.
  • Detailed screening of all aircraft and pilots.
  • Customized charter flights that let you define the travel terms .Travel comfortably with your pets. You can even order special catering designed for pets!
  • Broadband wireless internet access available on many aircraft.
  • Reductions in travel time by 50% or more.
  • Luggage loaded directly onto the aircraft in your view
  • Flexible flight scheduling or re-scheduling at your discretion
  • Personalized concierge and ground transportation services
  • In-flight luxuries include spa treatments and massage


After your initial enquiry you will be assigned a personal charter expert who will send you a selection of quotes for you to choose from. Each quote will have a clear breakdown of aircrafts and airports and reasons they have been selected for you. Should you wish to go ahead they will then book the aircraft and send you all the flight details including directions to the terminal and any other important information. They will be your first point of call for any further enquiries you may have up to the flight and, if possible, they will meet you at the terminal. From your initial quote you will be able to contact your account manager 24/7 (if on holiday you will be assigned another account manager to cover) so you can call from wherever, whenever you like.

Your dedicated account manager will advise you and provide you with a suitable range of aircraft based on your requirements, assisting you with your final decision. View our aircraft guide for further information.

You will be told how much the hold can take on your chosen aircraft and can upgrade if you feel more space is needed. This will generally be far more than that of a commercial airline. You may also need to upgrade if carrying things like golf clubs and skis. If travelling with a gun, you will need to provide a license and the gun and ammunition must be kept separate. It is then at the captain’s discretion whether it can be on board.

Using private terminals means that you are able to check-in much closer to take-off than you could on a scheduled service flight. Sometimes you can arrive as little as 15 minutes before the aircraft is due to depart, and in some cases you can even be driven directly to the aircraft for boarding.